Jake Owen loves the way songs like John Mellencamp’s “Jack & Diane” make you feel, and he’s also fond of where they take you.

(Jake Owen) “It’s the songs that allow you for three minutes to re-live a part of your life and go, ‘Man, I wish I could go back.’ The fact is you can’t go back, but with music and songs like ‘Jack & Diane’…with a melody and lyrics they can take you back to that moment instantly.”

The songwriters who wrote “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” had a clear vision of how they wanted to re-create the classic “Jack & Diane,” but Jake Owen says they also approached it with great care.

(Jake Owen) “As the creators of the song, or re-creators I should say, we’re probably just as a bit…a little weary of chasing a song to try to pay homage towards ‘Jack & Diane,’ but also be able to write it in a way to where people accept it as not just a rip off knock off song. Something where they…I think they nailed it on the head.”

“It’s a brilliant way of writing the story of all of us as American kids growing up listening to that song about the two American kids growing up in the heartland, and translating [it] into how we lived that song. There’s not been enough songs about recreating a song that’s already been done like that. And I think it was pretty cool.”

*The #1 hit was written by David Ray, Tommy Cecil, Jody Stevens and Craig Wiseman, with John Mellencamp also receiving a writing credit from the original 1982 song.



Midland’s debut song “Drinkin’ Problem” also became their first No. 1 hit. The trio’s lead singer Mark Wystrach talked about how smoothly the song came together when they met its co-writers, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, for the first time:

“There was immediately a chemistry and a kinship, like we were all kind of kindred souls. It just happened really natural, and we just started talking. And, I think Jess [Carson] was the one who said, ‘Man, I’m kind of obsessed with Gary Stewart,’ and then Shane [McAnally] freaked out and Josh [Osborne] freaked out and before you knew it, after really kind of getting to know each other for the first hour and a half, we started strumming the chords and…If I recall, I wrote most of the song and these guys were just kind of goofing off.”





Jason Aldean talks about his single “You Make It Easy” written by the guys from Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley: 

“So one day my buddy Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line came over to the house, and was actually playing me some songs they had written and played me a song they had just written called “You Make It Easy.” I think it was probably the first thing we went into cut after we heard it, so hopefully we’ll go three for three with those guys.”




Scotty McCreery won season 10 on American Idol and that led to a recording deal in Nashville. A few years later he was without a recording deal and fighting to keep possession of his songs. He secured another recording deal and among those songs he fought to keep was his first number one song “Five More Minutes.” As Scotty shared, it’s a big celebration and a lot of people were involved in making this happen for him. 



On May 24, 2016, Hachette Books published “Humble & Kind,” authored by Tim McGraw. That same year, McGraw talked about being so emotional he couldn’t sing the song and had to leave the studio only to return:

” I cried all the way back to the studio and tried to get it out of my system and sung it over and over in my head to try to get to where I could do the song without being too emotional. I walked in the studio and I think it worked, so I got in there and made it through. In 15 minutes I got the song done without crying too much.”

 Tim McGraw has a Spanish version of “Humble and Kind” and says, “My Spanish may not be perfect, my accent may not be perfect, but if I can reach out and touch someone in a language that’s not my own — that’s a good enough reason enough to try.”

The title “Nunca Te Olvides De Amar,” translates to “Never Forget to Love.”



On April 12,  2011, Jason Aldean’s duet with Kelly Clarkson, “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” was certified gold for selling 500,000 copies.

Jason talks about securing the pop star for the song.
“Kelly was really the one that I was hoping we would get, but [with] her not really being in the country genre, I thought it was a long shot, which ended up not being the case.”

Check out the video:




On April 5 2015, Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” was on top of Billboard’s Hot Country Sings Chart. For Sam, the song is about more than being a hit song:

“When I wrote it, I really found like I found my direction as an artist, as opposed to writing songs for potentially other artists. Hopefully, it can solidify a lot of the things that we’ve had going for us.”

Check out the video:




On March 22, 2013 The Florida Georgia Line album “Here’s To The Good Times” was certified gold.

Brian Kelley talked about the album’s title song when it was first released: 
“We were riding down the road. I remember exactly where I was when that song got sent to us. We didn’t write that one either, and I knew within the first couple lines we had to have it. I immediately got goose bumps within the first couple lines and it took me back to high school and maybe just kind of think about all the good times coming up and the good times that we’ve had.”

Since the song was not a single there is no official video, but check out the lyric video and performance video below:



On this day in 2014, Darius Rucker’s single “Wagon Wheel” was certified triple-platinum by the RIAA. Darius said of the song at the time: 

“I’m texting Frank Rogers (his producer), ‘Do you know this ‘Wagon Wheel’ song?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. It’s by Old Crow Medicine Show.’ He said, ‘A lot of people have cut it.’ I said, ‘I don’t care! [laughs] I’m cutting it!’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, dude. We’ll try it. We’ll cut it.’ And so?I cut it, and it was great after we finished it.”

Check out the video below:



Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s “The Rest of Our Life” is the second single from their new album or the same name.
(Tim) “To me ‘Rest Of Our Life’ is about simplicity, intimacy and the acknowledgment of finding your partner and knowing that that trouble in your life is over.” (Faith) “Yeah.” (Tim) “and knowing for well and for true and for certain that that trouble in your life is over.”

(Faith) “‘The Rest Of Our Life’? I think both Tim and I agree the first time we heard that song it immediately reminded me of us and the feeling that we had the first time that we admitted and decided that we were going to be married? we are going to do this? and there was a comfort and a security about that moment that resonates in this song.”

Check out the video below:



Brad Paisley says that his single “Last Time For Everything” is a song that paints a pretty picture:


Brad says, “I write very visually. My idea of country music is always about the pictures it paints for you. I don’t like songs that don’t give me images in my mind — in country music, that is. Even in pop music. You think about great pop songs that you love, sometimes you don’t always know what they mean, but there’s some great words in there. ‘Hotel California’ is a good example. I don’t know totally what that’s about, but you know, ‘On a dark desert highway, cool…,’ you know, it’s just…you see everything they’re sayin’.”
The song is the second single from his “Love And War” album.
Check out the video here:



A.J. McCloud’s Story Behind The Song features the latest #1 from Maren Morris “I Could Use a Love Song.”

She admits the song is a heartbreaker, but her real-life relationship is doing just fine:

Maren says, “It’s a really heartbreaking song, but there is this tinge of hopefulness to it as well. So, I think that’s why even me tight now being in a really positive, happy place, and I’m in a great relationship, and sort of have the world at my feet right now, that song has that facet of hope to it, so I think that’s why it’s easy to go back to it, because there is sort of this positive outlook towards the end of the song.”

Check out the video here:



In January of 2016, RCA released Chris Young’s 7th #1 hit, “Think of You,” a duet with Cassadee Pope to radio. The song was the second of three #1 hits from Young’s 5th album “I’m Coming Over.” Young knew that Cassadee Pope was the perfect choice to join him on the chart-topping duet: 

(Chris Young) “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times? Totally the first choice, and the hundred percent perfect person for this song, so really glad that Cassadee is a part of the song.”

 Pope was a member of Team Blake when she won Season 3 of The Voice, and was the first female to win the top prize on the show.

 Check out the video:



On this day in 2015, Carrie Underwood’s “Something In The Water” was sitting through three weeks on top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart: Underwood recalls shooting the photo that became the cover art for that single.

Carrie says “It’s always difficult when you’re trying to think of how to sum up a song in a picture. And even, like, album covers and things like that, I mean, it? You just kind of have to sum everything up in a snapshot, a moment in time. And you know, it was like, ‘What do we do with the water?’ Like, it was tough, so we did the best we could (laughs) and came up with some really beautiful images. I wouldn’t say that was the funnest photo shoot (laughs) ever, because I was soaking wet, but it made for some pretty pictures.”

Check out the video below:



On January 10, 1976, “Convoy” by C.W. McCall was the #1 song on the American pop charts. It celebrated CB radios and the exploits of a rebellious trucker with a reckless disregard for human life and highway safety codes. It gave the gravelly-voiced C.W. McCall his biggest hit, except that technically, “C.W. McCall” was a figment of the imagination. The genius behind “Convoy” was, in reality, an Omaha advertising executive named Bill Fries…not a fearless runner of police roadblocks, but certainly a man with a finger on the pulse of one of the strangest fads ever to grip the nation, even by the standards of the 1970s.

Check out the video here:



On January 4, 2016, Thomas Rhett’s “Die A Happy Man” was #1 on the Billboard Country Songs and Country Airplay charts.

Rhett said the song’s video was real life football from his vacation:

 “We had already planned a trip to Hawaii. We try to go to Hawaii once a year, it’s kind of our spot, and the label was like, ‘Would you mind if we sent a couple of video guys along and just capture some footage?’, and I was like, ‘Yeah’. And so my buddy TK, who’s done the last four music videos of mine, it was just him and literally one other guy with a camera and couple of lights, and basically for five days we would just hang out and he was like, ‘Y’all do your thing and we’ll capture moments, and you’ll have to do a little bit of acting, but it won’t be acting, but at least it won’t be acting, at least you actually love the person that you’re bein’ romantic with.”

Check out the video here:



On December 7, 2015, Brothers Osborne earned a gold single from the RIAA for their Top 5 hit “Stay A Little Longer.”

The song is from T.J. and John’s debut album “Pawn Shop.” 
Brothers Osborne’s lead singer T.J. Osborne talked about how the song came about… “It kind of happened naturally. With this kind of natural flow of it being this kind of almost sad, kind of balladish kind of feeling song in the verses, and then it kind of ramps up by the time you’re in the choruses, and it’s like a really fun, it almost gives it almost like a party vibe to it, and then it ends with this wailing guitar solo in it. For us, it does represent all these different things we do, because we don’t like to play the same thing over and over and over.”

Check out the video for the song:

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